Removing the Yahoo! Toolbar from Firefox

Yahoo Toolbar Removal

These days, it's easy to find your browser covered in dozens of toolbars that you neither want nor need. Almost every program you download, from media players to games, has a big-name company's toolbar included. One of the most common ones, due in no … [Continue reading]

Creating a Monthly Apple iTunes Allowance for your Child

Apple Itunes

Anyone with an iPad or iPhone will tell you how much they love their iOS device. Anyone with kids will tell you how much their kids love their iOS device. If you’ve been contemplating getting your child their own iPhone or iPad, discuss a monthly … [Continue reading]

Monitor CPU, Memory, and Disk I/O Utilization in Windows 7 with Taskbar Meters

Unique third party add-ons are the new craze. Windows 7 looks to harness the power of this trend with gadgets and an upgradable task bar. When the user base can tweak software with customizable code, unlimited new levels of functionality can be … [Continue reading]

Ten Keyboard Shortcuts Every Windows 7 User Must Know

Windows 7 has hundreds of exciting keyboard shortcuts. You can dock windows, flip through programs, and open your favorite applications by selecting the Windows logo key in combination with one or more keys. For example, pressing the Windows logo key … [Continue reading]

Play Retro Games on Your Modern PC

When games began to hit the Internet in waves, it was only a matter of time before people remembered the games of youth and longed to play them again. When this longing first hit, there were few ways to play a cherished childhood game. Many years … [Continue reading]