Increase Your Computer’s Speed without Decreasing Your Dollars

In today’s world many people use their computers more and more, whether it is at home or at work. However, there are often one too many times when our computers run so slow that we become aggravated, annoyed and finally stressed. Below you will find … [Continue reading]

The Google Starter Pack Explained

As Google shares hover near record highs, it’s easy to see that Google is clearly on the move. While share prices are high, for the average computer user, Google remains free. In fact, Google announced their free software starter pack on Friday, … [Continue reading]

Firewall: Hot Stuff for Stomping out Spyware, Malware and Adware

Firewalls are software programs for your computer that are comparable to exterior doors to your house or apartment since they keep potential intruders out. What is a thief strolled past that open door, when no one was home, and robbed you of anything … [Continue reading]

Final Cut Pro

Still the Only Way to Go By Adam Bertocci We've heard enough about the way the digital revolution is changing the way films are made. The era of heavy machines and complicated film splices is over, now you can have a Hollywood-quality editing … [Continue reading]

DVD Studio Pro 4:

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back By Adam Bertocci The average consumer will never need anything more than iDVD, Apple's basic comes-with-the-computer DVD authoring software. Yes, the default themes are obnoxious, but the program is surprisingly … [Continue reading]