Dungeon Siege 2: Broken World

If you are a die hard fan of hack and slash RPG's then you have probably played the Dungeon Siege series.  Recently, the expansion for Dungeon Siege 2 has been released.  It is called Dungeon Siege 2:  Broken World. … [Continue reading]

Is Your Computer Under Spyware Attack?

Spyware is unwanted software that can obtain personal information and record all of your computer activities. This software is installed without the knowledge of the owner. Since it can obtain personal information and record all activities such as … [Continue reading]

Destroy All Humans 2

Once upon a time, a hilarious game was released that put you in the shoes of a quirky alien that was trying to take over the planet Earth.  Now, the sequel has been released, Destroy All Humans 2!  You can now continue the story of … [Continue reading]

Customizing “My Computer”

The “My Computer” icon on your Windows based PC is a handy folder detailing the basics of your computer system. Did you know that you can change the way it looks and how it displays information? … [Continue reading]

Control How Much You Spend Each Day on Google Ads

The Explicit Need The Google affiliate ad program, where affiliates place Google ads on their site and get paid for clicks on those ads, has become very popular with affiliate marketers.  As a result, Google ads are an excellent option for … [Continue reading]