Computer Security – Keeping Adware and Spyware at Bay

hile the computer virus has been a threat almost since the personal computer was first unveiled, many experts in computer security feel that the greater threat to today’s computer user is that posed by spyware and adware.  These unwanted programs … [Continue reading]

Computer Literacy and What Every Parent Needs to Know

When it comes to computers and associated technology, it is no secret that most of our children can run circles around us, and get around the roadblocks put in their way.  Unfortunately, however, children and teenagers are not always in the best … [Continue reading]

Computer Choices – Custom Built, New or Used

When it comes time to shop for a new PC, there are certainly plenty of choices on the market, and making the right decision can at times be difficult.  One of the most difficult decisions for anyone in need of a new computer for home or work is … [Continue reading]

An Introduction To Spyware?

What Is Spyware? Spyware is a software application that is used to gather, and often transmit, data over your Internet connection. Typically installed without the user's knowledge, every effort is made by the author of the software to ensure that … [Continue reading]

Basic Unix Commands

Q. How do I view the contents of a file? A. cat filename The cat command will display the contents of a file. Q. How do I view the contents of a file when it is too long to view on the screen? … [Continue reading]