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Exam Information:

The prime objective of the Advanced Corrosion & Materials Professional API-571 series exam is to validate your knowledge and skills on the prominent areas of the industry which include corrosion engineers, corrosion processes among specialized inspectors, chemical engineers and other professionals across the entire petrochemical industry. The passing score of this exam is 70% out of 100%. The exam has a maximum of 70 multiple choice questions and about 3.25 hours duration. Each exam will cost you $365 USD.

API Advanced Corrosion & Materials Professional Certification Exam topics – API-571 include:

– Possess a general background on the scope, organization and use of API 571 and be able to review the standards and other references related to it.

– Knowledge of general damage mechanisms applicable to the industry and be able to identify their features and functions.

– Identify the various mechanical and metallurgical failure mechanisms such as brittle fracture, steam blanketing, stress rupture, cracking, thermal shock, fatigue and corrosion.

– Determine general damage mechanisms on uniform or localized loss thickness and explain the various types of corrosion related to it.

– Explore damage mechanisms on high temperature corrosion including oxidation, sulfidation, carburization and metal dusting.

– Understand refining industry damage mechanisms used in uniform of localized loss in thickness phenomena.

– Explore refining industry damage mechanisms for environment assisted cracking and be able to identify the other types of mechanisms.

API Advanced Corrosion & Materials Professional Certification Path

Advanced Corrosion & Materials Professional Certification requires only one exam One good news is that there are no prerequisites for this certification and It’s globally recognized and trusted by employers around the world.

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