Computer Security – Keeping Adware and Spyware at Bay

hile the computer virus has been a threat almost since the personal computer was first unveiled, many experts in computer security feel that the greater threat to today’s computer user is that posed by spyware and adware.  These unwanted programs vary in their danger, from the merely annoying to the truly malevolent.  Whether the effect of these programs is simply to slow your PC or to steal your personal information, it is important to protect yourself from the threat.  New spyware and adware programs are released every single day, and it is important for every computer user, from the most casual home user to the most hardcore gamer, to know the threats and respond to them.

Perhaps the most important step computer users can take is to download and install a quality spyware and adware detection program, and to keep it updated with daily updates.  There are many such programs on the market, some of them free and some of them commercial programs.  No matter which one you choose, however, it is important to keep the program up to date.

Some computer users find it helpful to run two different spyware and adware detection and elimination tools, since not every program will be able to pick up every threat.  Running two different scans back to back can provide a greater level of security and peace of mind than simply running a single program.

In addition, it is generally a good idea to run separate programs for adware and spyware, since an adware detection program may not be designed to pick up spyware threats, and vice versa.  There are some excellent programs on the market, sold either as part of an overall computer security suite or on their own, and in fact many new PCs will come with a trial version of one of more of these programs.  It is important for the computer user to carefully evaluate these products and determine which one works best for their needs.  No matter which program is ultimately chosen, however, it is essential that a good spyware and adware blocking program is installed before a new PC is connected to the internet.

This advice goes for antivirus programs as well, and in fact every PC should have its antivirus software program up and running before it connects to the internet.  As soon as the internet connection is established, any needed updates should be downloaded and installed at once.  This instant updating is one of the best ways to keep a new computer free of viruses, spyware, adware and other threats, and daily updates are the best way to keep it clean after it is up and running.