Important Ways To Secure Your Wireless Connection

It is very important to secure your wireless connection. Data transferred through a wireless internet connection can be hacked by the internet hackers more easily than the data transferred through a wired internet service. To secure your wireless internet connection, the details of the default login must be altered after the completion of set up and configuration process of the wireless internet connection.

Altering the service set identifier (SSID) and access locations quickly after completing the configuration of the wireless connection will also be greatly helpful in increasing the security level. SSIDs will be preset by the manufacturer with a default network name. This default network name must be changed to a different name by reaching the wireless router administration console. The steps for changing the SSID will be listed in the owner’s manuals of the specific wireless router.

Disabling the broadcast of SSID will also ensure that the wireless internet connection remains safe and secure. SSID will be broadcasted usually and automatically by the access locations and routers. This broadcasting feature will be greatly helpful in mobile points that are utilized by a majority of the users. If the SSID is disabled, specifically in home offices, then the network will be hidden from the hackers even though they can be gained access by the other ways.

The method of disabling the SSID broadcast differs from various routers. SSID can be disabled by switching off the radio button. In the case of D-link routers, the radio button must be switched off by clicking on the wireless tab and then on the home tab. In the case of Linksys routers, the radio button should be disabled by clicking on the basic wireless settings tab listed under the wireless tab.

Setting up a firewall on the entire hosts will ensure advanced security level. This set up should be performed along with the firewall that is supported by the routers. High security level can be attained through the WPA and WPA2. Hence, the devices that are able to provide support to WPA, data protocol must be used in the networks of the wireless internet connection. Data can be secured with the help of devices that pertain to the similar security protocol.

The leakages of wireless signals can be reduced by setting up routers and access points in a middle point inside the premises. Configuring these devices either in a balcony or close to a door or a window passes the signals to the exterior side and the signals can be utilized by other devices that are set up appropriately. All the important equipments must be restricted properly to avoid the automatic connection to a network of a wireless internet connection. It is very important to further secure your wireless connection by making sure that all the hosts and the networking equipments are shut down when they will not be utilized for a long time specifically when the users are leaving for a long vacation.