Customizing “My Computer”

The “My Computer” icon on your Windows based PC is a handy folder detailing the basics of your computer system. Did you know that you can change the way it looks and how it displays information?

A common view of My Computer shows a pane on the left with links to common system tasks, documents, control panel and system folders. The pane changes as you click on the various components found in the main area. The main area lists file folders, fixed hard drives, removable storage devices and attached peripherals such as printers, scanners and cameras.

By going to the view menu across the top, you can change the display. You can add or remove various toolbars and view or hide the status bar. You can also change the pane to show favorites, search, history or folders. You can change the icons displayed to be either thumbnails, tiles, icons, lists or even a detailed list. You can even specify the details shown such as name, type, size, free space, comments and file system.

You can change the order of the components of My Computer by arranging the icons by name, type, total size, free space and comments. You can also opt to view them by group such as all hard discs together, all removable storage together etc.

Also under the view menu is a “go to” option. From here you can navigate forward, backward, up one level, to your Internet Explorer home page, or back to My Computer.