How To Resize Your Photos the Easy Way

There are several different ways to accomplish the goal of resizing pictures. Some are easier than others, and some will provide better results than others. You can also do other things will resizing pictures, including stretching them out and squishing them smaller to give them a different look all together.

One easy way to resize your photos is in a program such as Microsoft Works or Word. This falls into the category of one of the very easy ways to resize your photos. The first thing you should do is make sure that the photo you want to resize is in a folder such as My Documents or My Photos. After you do this, you should open up the picture and make sure that you have Microsoft Works or Word open at the same time. You should copy the picture by right clicking on the photo and choosing copy from the drop down list. Next, it’s time to paste the picture into your Works or Word document. While in the document, hold down the Control button and the V button at the same time. Your picture should now be inside of your Works/Word document.

Now you should be able to resize your photo. To do this, click on the picture. Once you click on the picture and you see that it is highlighted, left click and hold at one of the edges of the picture. While you are holding down the left mouse button, move the picture in or out, depending on whether you want the picture to appear larger or smaller. If you want to resize your picture evenly, you wil need to click and hold at one of the corners of the picture. To stretch or squish your picture, do not hold down a corner, but at one of the sides of the picture. This will allow you to change the proportion of the picture so you can make it fatter or skinnier, longer or shorter.

This is probably the easiest way to resize your photos, and probably the most inexpensive as well. It does not require any fancy or expensive program, and you have versatility in the proportions of the picture as well.

Another fairly simple way to resize your photos is to use the Paint program in Microsoft Windows. If your pictures are in My Photos, you can do this very easily. Click on the picture so that it is opened using the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. This is assuming that you have Windows on your computer and have this program set as the default for opening pictures. Once the picture is open, right click on the photo to reveal the list of options available. From that list, choose edit, which should be at the very top of the list. If you are set up using default settings, the picture should automatically open up in the Paint program. From there, you are ready to resize your photo. Click the Image panel at the top of the screen, and click on the option that says Stretch and Skew. From there, a box will appear, and you will be able to enter in the dimensions to which you want to change your picture. The picture should start out at 100 for both horizontal and vertical stretch. You can change those numbers to stretch the pictures bigger or smaller. The skew panel will be set at 0 degrees for both horizontal and vertical, and you can change those as well. You should try playing around with it for a while until you get the hang of it. It may take a minute to get used to, but this is still a fairly simple way to resize your photos. Paint is also a good program for changing other things about photos as well.

Resizing your photos does not have to be a terribly difficult thing to do. With a little bit of simple know how and the right programs, you change the size of your pictures to fit your needs. Microsoft Works/Word and Paint are only two ways that you can resize your pictures. There are many other ways to do so as well, and some require special programs and a bit more skill than the two listed above.