Play Retro Games on Your Modern PC

When games began to hit the Internet in waves, it was only a matter of time before people remembered the games of youth and longed to play them again. When this longing first hit, there were few ways to play a cherished childhood game. Many years later, the Internet is a booming resource for retro gaming. There are simulators that simulate retro games, people that have written programs to allow you to play a knock-off of the original game, and in some cases, you can even play the original game thanks to its creators.

Many Web sites have appeared over the years to feed the craving for retro games. To play simulated games, sites like have appeared. You can download emulators, the tool that plays your games, and then you can download ROM’s, the actual games to play on your emulator. There are even games from more obscure systems that didn’t last very long.

All systems are represented in the mix of retro gaming emulators. You can play games from the old Commodore 64; there are games from the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy Advance; Sega fans will appreciate the remembrance of their favorite console.

The collection of games is staggering. You’ll be able to play games like Pac-man, Missile Command, Asteroids, Super Mario Brothers, Excite Bike, and even something as obscure and unremembered as Breath of Fire. If you ever dreamed of owning every game ever created for a console, you can actually play these games now. During olden times, many gamers dreamed of having unlimited access to every game under the sun, but back then something like that was unheard of. Today you can play a collection of SNES games that includes titles no gamer has even heard of. They existed though, and they’re all available to play when you download an emulator.

Your modern PC adapts surprisingly well to the simple structure of the old systems. You’ll usually play with arrow keys and a letter or two, much like you played on some old consoles. For PC retro games, everything will be much as you remembered.

For people that don’t want to download an emulator and a batch of ROMs, you have the option of finding a retro gaming site that will suit your needs. They are everywhere. Try to find one that has few advertisements and is safe to visit. Reputable sites are always preferred over sites that appear from nowhere and contain too much advertising. When you find a retro gaming site, they’ll usually have organized their games by genre: Sports, Action, Adventure, and more. Pick your genre or search for a specific game that you’d like to play again. It’s amazing how often people remember an old game and suddenly want the experience of playing it again. Thanks to the modern Internet universe, it’s entirely possible to play games that are decades old.

Gaming is one of the chief advantages of the computer world and it’s fortunate that today so many people can enjoy the games of the past. There are few versions of old games on newer consoles, so the computer is sometimes the only place to play a retro game. Thanks to the beautiful adaptations of people that work on the code, and creators of software programs like emulators, we’re able to enjoy retro gaming more now than ever before. The PC even makes it possible to buy hard copies of retro games. Many people seek out working old consoles and games to purchase on auctioning Web sites like Ebay. When they get there, they’re able to find that there are working Ataris, Super Nintendos, and Commodore 64s. Those consoles are long gone and a thing of the distant past, but they’re still available for old and new generations to enjoy. As long as you keep looking for the old consoles and games, they’ll always be there for you to find.