Ten Keyboard Shortcuts Every Windows 7 User Must Know

Windows 7 has hundreds of exciting keyboard shortcuts. You can dock windows, flip through programs, and open your favorite applications by selecting the Windows logo key in combination with one or more keys. For example, pressing the Windows logo key with the M key (WIN+M) will minimize all windows. Similarly, pressing the WIN+SHIFT+M keys simultaneously restores minimized windows. Here are ten keyboard shortcuts every Windows 7 user must know.

1) Use the Windows logo key to find files and folders.
This rarely used feature was available in Windows Vista. A simple tap of the Windows logo key activates the Start menu. Once open, type the first few letters of the name of a file or folder. Press the Up arrow key and hit Enter to open the file.
2) Tap the WIN+Home keys to minimize all windows, except the one in use.
This shortcut allows you to send all open windows to the background at once, saves time, and reduces the number of windows you need to minimize individually.
3) Hit WIN+ Spacebar together to peek at your desktop.
With this key combination, you can glance at your desktop. The window becomes transparent and remains so, until you release the keys. Some users prefer bringing desktop gadgets to the forefront. For this purpose, try pressing WIN+G.
4) Flip through open windows by pressing the WIN+Tab keys.
Use these keys to create a 3D-like Rolodex. Press keys repeatedly to flip through open programs.
5) Use the Windows logo key and the plus or minus sign (+/-) to zoom in and out.
Windows 7 zoom feature lets you enlarge the page view. There are three different modes: full-screen, lens and docked. Press the Windows logo key and the (+) sign to increase page view or tap the (-) key to decrease. Keep tapping +/- to reach the desired page view.
6) Dock active windows with the WIN+Left or Right Arrow
A particularly useful shortcut for users with widescreen monitors. In an open window, press the Windows logo key and the Left or Right arrow to snap the window to that side of the screen. You may also use the WIN+Up arrow to maximize the window, and the WIN+Down arrow to minimize the window.
7) Hit WIN+ P to open Presentation/Projection mode.
This shortcut is perfect for laptop users who give presentations. Just tap the WIN+P combination to display images on your laptop to a projector.
8) Press WIN+R open the Run dialog box.
Allows you to open programs, files and folders quickly. After using the command, type in the first few letters to open. You can also use the browse feature.
9) Hold down the WIN+T keys to cycle through programs on the taskbar.
Similar to the Win+Tab feature, this function lets you cycle through programs on the taskbar.
10) Use the WIN+X keys to gain access to the Ease of Mobility Center.
The Mobility Center has the most commonly used laptop settings in one place. This allows you to adjust the volume, brightness and wireless settings quickly while traveling.

After mastering the two-key combinations, try applying three-key combos. For an exhaustive list of time saving tips, press F1 and type keyboard shortcuts. Commit these shortcuts to memory, and you will never have to lift your fingers from the keyboard.