Why Upgrade to Windows 7?

Are you still using Windows Vista? Perhaps you should consider upgrading to Windows 7: the latest and greatest operating system of Microsoft Corporation. There are simply too many advantages for PC users to enjoy once they make the switch to Windows 7. Consumers can really expect a great OS in Windows 7 because according to the system engineers and developers at Microsoft concerning the development of Microsoft Windows 7, “Engineered by us. Inspired by you.” What are the great benefits to be expected by users upon upgrading to the latest Microsoft Windows OS?

Marvelous Features of Windows 7

Jump Lists – Keeping track of your favorite music, videos, websites, documents and photographs has never been easier with Windows 7 through the use of Jump List feature. Jump List gives users the option to quickly access their files and documents with a simple right-click. It also integrates well with Internet Explorer 8 to enhance your browsing experience.

HomeGroup – This awesome feature of Windows 7 eliminates the complicated set up and sharing of files, printers, and other devices on a private home network. You can password-protect your files on your network so you still have full control on your shared files and devices.

Windows Taskbar – Windows 7 offers a more customizable taskbar with much improved thumbnail previews and more visible icons. With this new Windows taskbar, you can easily arrange your icons by clicking and dragging them anywhere. You can also preview windows simply by pointing to a taskbar icon or by moving your mouse over a thumbnail, you can preview the window at full screen and can even close it from the thumbnail.

Snap – Comparing and resizing windows in Windows 7 on your desktop is now easier, quicker, and more entertaining. The Snap feature allows you to make your windows extend vertically, cover the entire screen, or display side-by-side with other windows.

Peek – This new feature gives users of Windows 7 the ability to see past all their open windows straight to the desktop. The X-ray vision power in Windows 7 is realized by simply pointing to the right edge of the taskbar, which instantaneously turn your open windows transparent, exposing all your out of sight icons and gadgets.

Shake – Your old mouse can learn a new trick from this great feature of Windows 7. All you have to do is click a pane of any of your open windows and shake your mouse, and every window you have open will disappear except for the one you clicked. Give your mouse a shake once again and all your windows will resurface on your desktop.

The Snap, Peek, and Shake features are included in the Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise variations of Windows 7.

Windows 7 is totally awesome, with features unparalleled by any other existing operating systems. It’s been designed to make your everyday tasks simpler, work the way you want, and it definitely makes new things possible. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade now and experience the best Windows OS Microsoft has to offer!